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Floyd's Bad Day Chapter 4
After he found a not wet seat, Floyd sat down to eat. As always, there was quite a bit of noise.
Beauregard was trying to explain to Scooter why the laundry wasn't done. Apparently, Bunsen was trying to "improve" the washer the night before. In other words, someone was going to have to dig up a lot of quarters and drag the laundry to the laundromat. At least the house wasn't flooded...
"Hey, I heard you slipped on a bar of soap in the bathroom this morning!"
Floyd looked around and saw a certain blue... whatever Gonzo was.
"Yeah..." Floyd answered.
"Before you ask, no, I don't want to hear all the details. I do MUCH bigger than slip on soap..."
As Gonzo began to tell about one of his daredevil stunts Floyd heard Scooter call him.
He responded quickly.
"Hey, Floyd? I need you to come help me with these clothes." Scooter told him.
"Why me?"
"Well..." Scooter began. "I was going to get Bunsen, but he said him and Beaker were working on a collapsible bookcase. Turns out almost everyone els
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Rules to the Muppet Theater Chap 5
42. While it seems to be the motto for some of us, Dare to be Stupid is not  the motto of the group as a whole.
43. Stop telling Miss Piggy that karate is stupid. You won’t think it’s stupid when it’s used on you.
44. NEVER let Dr. Bunsen and the Swedish Chef collaborate on a project.
45. Quit calling Kermit “Constantine”. It. Is. Not. Funny.
46. For Pete’s sake, STOP stealing Scooter’s clipboard.
47. When someone says “For Pete’s sake” quit asking who “Pete” is. It was funny the first dozen times, but after that…
48. Stop getting into political arguments with Sam.
48b. Just… don’t mention controversial topics around Sam.
49. Never, ever, ever, EVER tell Kermit that it is easy being green.
49b. Even if you mean the environmental green. He’s heard it before.
50. Don’t poke Statler and Waldorf with a stick and ask “Are you dead?”. It is disrespectful.
51. Insulting the S
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Floyd's Bad Day Chapter 3
Breakfast wasn't much better.
Whatever was the original plan, it... hadn't worked out. Floyd grabbed some cereal and sat down in the first seat he saw that wasn't claimed. Or at least, he tried. Instead, he slipped out of the seat.
"Oh man I am so sorry Floyd!"
Floyd slowly got up and saw Fozzie, who had his hat in his hands and looked very embaressed. He then noticed the raincoat that was in the seat and wondered how he had missed that before.
Fozzie continued his apology. "I accidentaly forgot to take my raincoat off after my shower and... I didn't know anyone was going to sit there... I was going to get it in a minute and... ohh..." The orange bear covered his face with his hat.
Floyd gathered his stuff. " It's okay, Fozzie. I'll just... go find another seat."
Floyd searched for another seat, hoping this was NOT a sign of how the rest of the day was going to go.
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Floyd's Bad Day Chap. 2
Floyd ended up last in line. After a long wait, he ran in, only to slip on something. He sat up, groaning.
"You okay, Floyd?" as
"Hope Animal didn't decide to bathe in the toilet. Again."  
After a very cold shower, he headed to breakfast.  
"Hey, Teeth," Floyd replied, making his way to the kit
"Got practice this afternoon." Floyd finished. "Wouldn't miss it." he added,
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Floyd's Bad Day
Floyd had decided that this was the worst day ever. Nothing had gone right since he woke up. Even that had gone wrong as he woke up late after forgetting to set his alarm. He ran to get his clothes, but his favorite shirt was missing.
“Hey, Scooter!” he asked.
“Yeah, Floyd?” the orange gofer asked.
“You seen my favorite shirt?”
“ The red Sgt. Pepper one?”
“Yeah” Floyd asked.
“ It’s still waiting to be washed.”
“What?” the bassist asked. “I thought laundry day was yesterday.”
“It was Beauregard’s turn to do it and he forgot.” Scooter explained.
“What? Again?”
“ Yeah.”
“ Of course.” the  bassist responded.
“We’ll try to get it done today, Floyd.” the gofer said, making a mental note to start making SURE that the laundry was done from then on. Floyd hadn’t been the first to complain. “You didn’t
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Bus Ride
Cheeryp sighed as he walked to the bus stop.
“ That has to be the shortest summer ever.” he said. “There is no way it’s time for school to start back already.”
He sighed again as Rose ran (as well as a flipper-footed creature could run) up to the bus stop.
“I didn’t miss it, did I?” the pink pabanothi asked.
“No.” Cheeryp asked. He looked to the right. “ In fact, I think you got here just in time.”
As Rose started to discuss how embarrassing it would be to miss the bus on the first day back at school, the bus drove up to the bus stop. The two pabanothi climbed on and searched for a seat.
Cheeryp  picked a seat towards the front. Rose sat down next to him.
“Don’t you usually sit with Ruby and Lavender?” asked Cheeryp.
“Are they on yet?” Rose responded. “I’ll move when they get on.” she said as the bus stopped to let two more pabanothi on. As they looked for a seat
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Rules to the Muppet Theater Chapter 4
                  Rules To the Muppet Theater
31. Selling your soul is prohibited. ( This means you, Gonzo!)
32a. Do NOT let the Frackles drink any Energy drinks or alcohol. Please. DON'T!
32b. This includes Gonzo. ESSPECIALLY Gonzo!
33. No Playboy magazines...period. Especially around Animal.
34. Do not suggest chicken or pork for dinner. Certain Muppets will not appreciate that.
35. Do NOT steal Dr. Teeth's gold tooth and sell it in a pawn shop!
36. It is NOT okay to use Dr. Teeth’s arms as jump ropes.
37. Do not ask Dr. Teeth how he got his gold tooth.
38. Living food is NOT to be used for food fights without their permission.
39. Seriously guys, stop kidnapping celebrities.
40. Quit asking the monsters if they’ve ever worked for Monster’s Inc.
41. When planning a dinner just assume everyone is a vegetarian to avoid problems.
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Rules to the Muppet Theater Chapter #
Rules to the Muppet Theater
23. The band is "The Electric Mayhem", NOT " Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
24. DO NOT mention the consumption of bacon around Miss Piggy (or any other pig, for that matter.). Even if it's turkey bacon.
25. No putting a 'Kick Me' sign anywhere Animal can see it.
26. Don't replace Crazy Harry's gunpowder with flash powder. The last time didn't end well.
27. Stop singing "Flying Purple People Eater" around Floyd and Clifford.
28. Do NOT taste ANYTHING you find in the lab.
29. Do not sell anything you find in the lab.
30. Unless your name is "Mahna-Mahna", QUIT SAYING IT!
30b. Doo-doo-do-do-do
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Rules to the Muppet Theater Chapter 2
12. Bunsen and Beaker are not to build a time machine out of the Refridgerator.
13. Gonzo is NOT to get ideas from Mythbusters.
14. No sketches/disscussions involving Twilight. Sam's reaction wasn't THAT funny.
15. NOTHING involving Fifty Shades of Gray. See above.
16. Rule 6 applies to Zoot as well.
17. Fozzie, ENOUGH with the Yoda impresion.
18. Just because you think he's annoying does NOT mean you can scare Bean Bunny on purpose.
19. Pepe is a "King Prawn". He is not a shrimp, crawdad, or any other type of crustacean.
20. Do not try to convince Pepe that a "prawn" and a "Shrimp" are the same thing. He won't listen.
21. Asking Clifford "where's Emily Elizabeth?" was not funny to begin with.
22. No selling stuff on eBay without permission.
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Rules to the Muppet Theater
1. Do NOT give Animal coffee. Just… don't.
2. Fozzie's scarf is NOT underpants.
3. No eating other Muppets after 9 pm.
4. Animal is not to be used as a paper shredder.
5. Do NOT accept any food from the Swedish Chef.
6. It is rude to ask Janice and Lips how many fingers you are holding up.
7. Do NOT let the Muppaphones out. It took us 3 weeks to find them all last time.
8. Gonzo is no longer allowed access to the kitchen.
9. You cannot pay the monsters to eat ANYONE. No matter how annoying they were being.
10. You cannot pay the monsters to fight each other, nor place bets on the resulting fight.
11. Anvils and other non-food items do NOT belong in the oven.
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